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What people are saying about Daja's sessions and retreats:

Inner child healing is something that can help us all on our journies of self-discovery and development. We don't often have access to teachers and healers that can guide us in connecting with that aspect of ourselves, but Daja is a gift! Her inner child healing sessions are an open space for you to cultivate an accepting and loving relationship with the youthful, curious, liberated, and wild parts of yourself. Her presence is professional and very relaxed and homely. She does a great job of creating a safe space for this special work to be done. My favorite part of our session was the visualization exercise. Daja did a wonderful job of guiding me into my heart space to have an emotional and heart softening experience with my inner child. Lovely work 💚

- Zion

I found ihopeyoufindserenity on tiktok and immediately felt a connection. When I reached out to Daja she was excited to hear that I wanted to do this with my mother and grandmother. I am a dance/movement psychotherapist and understand the power of holistic healing. I knew we needed this as I’ve been on my own healing journey with the intent to also break generational curses/trauma. My family has been through a lot and we are still filled with love. I remember my grandmother saying she doesn’t want to die with regrets and she’s approaching 75, it all aligned. I didn’t know what to expect but Daja’s gentleness, and ability to actively listen and hold a safe space changed the dynamic between myself, mom and grandma. It was everything we desired and more. The land was beautiful and the people were welcoming. We were served nutritious and delicious food. I felt no pressure to disclose if I didn’t feel comfortable and there was no rush in our day-to-day tasks. This experience brought us closer, I’m applying things I’ve learned in my life and private practice. I intend to continue to evolve with my mom, grandma, and the rest of my family. I not only gained a different perspective but a sister in Daja! Peace & love!

- Ashanti 


Loved every moment of this amazing 5 day inner child private retreat. If you are searching for a way to escape the “normal” day to day and tap into understanding your own needs then definitely keep this private retreat in mind. I traveled to Costa Rica solo and Daja was very helpful throughout out my stay in Costa Rica. She made the whole process very easy and reassured every step of the way that the trip will go smoothly and it did!

The hotel, excursions, inner child healing sessions, activities, and food that Daja provided was amazing and well worth the cost of the private retreat! I’m so blessed to have also been able to experience a community of wonderful and deeply connected people during my inner child private retreat, it was a reminder that I am not alone in my spiritual pursuits and that there are people out there who get my way of thinking and perception of the world. May we all prosper!

- Sera

My Inner Child Retreat was a Great Experience! I appreciated every aspect of it. The exercises required me to visit parts of myself I never thought I would. This Experience will forever hold a special place in my heart. I left with New levels of Confidence and New levels of Serenity ~ Thanks Daja :)

- Zen

Daja is definitely good at what she does! She totally exceeded my expectations & taught me sooo much in such a short period of time. I absolutely adore her voice, calm welcoming spirit & nonjudgmental stance. Looking forward to more sessions with Daja in the near future! Thanks for such an amazing experience!


What an EPIC experience off the grid & in the jungle with my mom & daughter, I am honored❣️Food from trees & gardens, generational bonding, positive feminine energy, learning from each other & where we are at this stage in our lives💓 Thank you to our beautiful host Daja & the chefs for sharing their gift of plant-based nourishment🪴 All Love 🥰 I had no real expectation of what the retreat would offer. What Daja provided gave me comfort in knowing that I knew so much about myself, yet I’m still learning. Our retreat was organic and fluid, I gained tremendous insight on how my life choices have impacted my loved ones lives in more ways than I imagined…..good and otherwise. their lives in more ways than imagined…..good and otherwise. Daja is the truth and you will find it by trusting the process. Peace & Blessings

- Michele

"Just had a beautiful inner child healing session with this goddess. She helped me to process and articulate the truths swirling around in my energy body. The meditations were so powerful, the affirmations she spoke to me were so aligned with what I needed. Such a blessing to connect, bless you! If you are interested in bringing awareness to the child within contact @ihopeyoufindserenity."

- Anjali

I just wanted to thank you again for the inner child healing session tonight! It was honestly the best experience I’ve ever been apart of! It was beyond amazing and it surpassed the expectations that I didn’t even have! lol. You are seriously gifted. So easy to talk to and open up to and I’m so so so SO glad to have crossed paths with you. I feel like the divine knew exactly who I needed in my life and at the exact time I would need it. I will be taking the things I’ve learned in our session together as a tool to dig so much deeper into my subconscious to unpack so much more. Thank you again, daja. As you’ve honestly helped me tap into a piece of me that I needed to take me to a new level of healing. You’re amazing and that’s an understatement. I can’t wait for future sessions with you! 

- Alex

My inner child healing session with Daja was a beautiful experience. She did a good job of providing a comfortable space to connect with my younger self. Her insightful questions and affirmations really made me reflect on things I otherwise never really thought about. The sound healing at the end was so beautiful It made me teary. I felt lighter afterwards. Extremely grateful, and will be booking again in the future.

- Grace

"My inner child healing sessions with you have been amazing. You create such a safe, nonjudgmental space that allows me to feel seen. I am grateful for this offering and your energy to facilitate holding this space. Im looking forward to my next session!"

- Kwanza

My inner child healing session with Daja was a beautiful experience. She did a good job of providing a comfortable space to connect with my younger self. Her insightful questions and affirmations really made me reflect on things I otherwise never really thought about. The sound healing at the end was so beautiful It made me teary. I felt lighter afterwards. Extremely grateful, and will be booking again in the future.

- Shana

Daja is so incredibly wonderful to work with. She has a sense of understanding without judgment, looking to help you heal wounds and find a sense of peace no matter what you’ve been through. I have no idea what to expect, but just unpacking deeper rooted issues to allow myself to feel safe and loved was the end result and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you, goddess.

- Lejend

"I had no idea what to expect when inquiring about inner child healing with Daja. I came in willing to learn and grow and that is exactly what spirit invited into this session. Daja allowed space for me to talk, unpack, and get to the root of things I was not aware were even triggers. I am grateful for her energy and what she is cultivating for the collective. I look forward to continuing to grow and heal my inner child wounds. The activities were thought provoking and healing. I recommend this for any and everyone. It is needed and such a beautiful experience!"

- Kendal

This was really a great experience! I recommend anyone that needs inner child work to book a session! It opened my eyes a lot! And I love her spirit.

- Alexandria 

Daja had the most understanding, grounding presence during our inner child session together. She guided the session expertly and really helped me explore some facets of myself that don't always feel accessible. I came away feeling held and supported and most of all, loved. Daja has a wonderful gift and I am so grateful she shared it with me, and with others in the universe.

- Penny

My session with Daja was a great experience and a soothing gentle healing journey guided by her kindness and her knowledge. I highly recommend working with her whether in person or online. Thank you for being such a beautiful soul Daja.

- Christine

Daja was so amazing to work with. She has such a gift to make you feel comfortable and create a safe space to heal. I was able to reconnect with parts of myself I’d forgotten about. The guided meditation we practiced is something I’ll carry with me for the rest of my life.

- Jordan

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