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Small-Group Retreats for Families or Friends can be organized by request and specialized to fit your needs.

We are booking groups of up to 8 people. 

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Group ICH retreats are for friends or family members that would like to strengthen their bonds and heal together. As a group, we will engage in various creative projects, play games, cultivate our relationships, and practice conscious communication. 

This is a great opportunity to show up and be vulnerable with people who support you. Come together and have a unique healing experience. 

Lodging can be as a group or individual rooms.

Group Retreats Can Include:

Beach Front Lodging
2 Plant-Based Meals per Day

Fresh Fruit Daily
Ocean Kayaking Adventure 
Hiking in the Corcovado Jungle 
Jungle Exploration and River Swim
Waterfall Excursion
Organic Farm Visit
Inner Child Healing Workshops 

Guided Meditations

Sound Healing Sessions 
Plant-Based Cooking Class 
Horse Meditation with Osa Horse Medicine

Bilingual Guide

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