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The Power of 400 FundRaiser!


In August 2021 we began searching for 400 people who could commit to donating $50 each to help us reach our goal of $20,000 to build a retreat center for Find Serenity.


in February 2022 we completed the purchase of a property located right outside of the Corcovado National Park in the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica.


Since April 2022 Daja has been living on the land full-time which she has named Finca Serenidad. She has been using this space for retreats, growing food, and hosting volunteers.


Now funds raised will be going towards building a space to accommodate volunteers and retreat guests.

We are still far from our goal of reaching 400 people willing to support this project so we have reimagined this initiative! 

Now our new goal is to receive $400 a month in donations to be used for farm work, ongoing building, and materials we need to build and expand the space making it more comfortable for guests.


We are searching for only 40 people who can join us on Patreon for only $10 a month. These folks will not only be supporting Find Serenity but also have access to our full vlog series showing the development of the farm and all the projects so far as well as unreleased music, inner child healing courses, and private community offerings!

Are you ready to join the power of 400 and support an off-grid holistic healing center created and led by a woman of color? 

If so subscribe to our Patreon today!


The intention of this project is to create a haven and place of play not only for retreats but also for volunteer opportunities, artist residencies, homeschooling programs, sustainable building classes, and so much more! The beauty of having a set space that will grow over time is that it can serve multiple purposes and evolve as needed.

Most importantly this is a safe space. A space created by a black woman and immigrant hoping to make a better life for herself and share that serenity with the many others who are called to this land.

There are several eco-villages, farms, and conscious communities all over Costa Rica but I have yet to see ANY created and led by black women and centering people of color and our healing. We need more spaces like this so that black expats and travelers can visit a place t
hat was built with them in mind. Healing is for all of us and we tend to feel more comfortable, seen, and understood in a community where we are represented! 

Finca Serenidad has already held space for several retreats, ceremonies, volunteer exchanges, and community gatherings. Many women of color have had transformational experiences during retreats and ceremonies I have hosted on the land. Young women in their early 20's all the way up to elders in their 60's have graced the space and felt loved, supported, understood, and safe. Some guests have already returned for a second time because of how profoundly they were touched by the healing I offer with the land.

In just the first year we have grown so much, built a simple cab
in, installed solar power, and created a water system to utilize rainwater and river water to sustain life on the farm. All of this has been thanks to the generous donations from my family and from my supporters online, without whom this would never have been possible. 

Are you ready to join the #Powerof400 ?

Donate Today!



Thank you from the deepest part of my heart for your donation. I trust it will come back to you 10 fold!


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