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Private Inner Child Healing Retreats:

1:1 inner child healing retreats with Daja are for people who want to further embody self-love, self-discovery, and self-empowerment. Daja has created a sacred space that welcomes any soul who wants to connect with their inner child and truly heal from past traumas. Together we can find the medicine in your memories. Reignite your inner spark and give little you what they have always needed, love and respect.

Her methods include healing through writing, meditation, breathwork, nature immersion, cranial sacral therapy, and play! Participants will be guided with daily journaling topics, meditations, and blissful sound healing sessions. Daja has also trained in Reiki Energy Healing, Intuitive Touch, and various types of massage. Private guests will receive a full energy and bodywork session during every retreat!

Daja is bilingual and has been studying the Spanish language for more than 6 years. She moved to Costa Rica in 2017 to teach English when she fell in love with the culture and the energy of this country. She has worked as a tour guide and as a receptionist in a local hotel. Daja feels very grounded and integrated into the community and maintains a positive relationship with the locals. She has the knowledge and skill to lead each of you with ease! Many community members both Costa Rican and other immigrants are included and supported when you book a retreat!


Retreat Location and Accommodations:

Find Serenity Retreats take place on Daja's off-grid farm Finca Serenidad located in a small town in the southern Pacific region of Costa Rica called the Osa Peninsula. The Osa is home to the Corcovado Jungle, one of the most biodiverse places on planet Earth! It is common to see macaws, parrots, toucans, monkeys, and huge iguanas. Even pumas and jaguars are often spotted here deep in the mountains!  

Daja has been hosting private and group retreats for 2 years now and for the past year, the retreats have been housed on her new jungle property. This is a rustic and completely immersive experience in nature. Guests awake to the sound of monkeys passing by in the trees and parrots squawking overhead. The river on the property provides clean and spring water for drinking and bathing. 

Guests can choose to be housed inside the cabin or in a tent provided by Daja with all camping supplies included. Groups of 3 or more people must camp out or will instead be housed in a nearby hotel or Airbnb.

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Retreats Include:


3 Vegetarian Meals per Day (Other Diet Options Available)

2 (2hr) Inner Child Healing Sessions with Daja

1 Sound Healing Journey

1 Energy and Bodywork Session

Waterfall Excursion

Jungle Hike

Ocean Kayaking

Natural Blue Clay Masks

Sacred Cacao Ceremony

Community Gathering

Optional Volunteer Opportunity on Local Farm


1 Day Retreats 

Find Serenity is now offering one-day retreats on Finca Serenidad! Join Daja for 24 hours on her off-grid farm for a low-cost, high-value experience in the blissful jungle town of Monterey Costa Rica,


Enjoy delicious plant-based meals, a nature hike, full-body blue clay masks, inner child activation, a cranial sacral body-work session, and a psilocybin ceremony to end the night!

Retreat Itinerary:

9am Arrival Breakfast 

10am Nature Hike and Inner Child Activation

12pm Lunch

2pm Cranial Sacral Therapy (Body-Work Session)

4pm Pysilicibin Ceremony

6pm Dinner + Continue Ceremony

*Following Day

8am Breakfast

9am End of Retreat

Price of Retreat:

$222 for one Guest + $111 for any additional guests.

Camping Retreats:

If you are desiring a more naturally immersive experience and Earth connection for your retreat you can choose to camp. Daja has experience camping and can provide gear if you do not have your own!

In this case, guests will be able to camp out on the Find Serenity land and the money earned from their retreat will go towards the fundraiser to continue building!

These guests will also be able to help tend to the garden and be a part of the groundwork and initial projects for the retreat center Daja is developing.  

Volunteers and Exchanges:

Find Serenity is open to people skilled in sustainable building, land development, farming, and permaculture to come and stay on the land free of charge for an exchange of assisting her with some projects. These can potentially be longer than a retreat and last up to 30 days. 

If you have experience in permaculture or natural building and would like to arrange a potential exchange please contact Daja via email: 

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