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Nurture genuine connections, write, reflect, and heal your inner child in the jungles of Costa Rica.

Upcoming Group Retreats

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Sankofa Retreat
POSTPONED TO January 19th-24th 2023
The meaning of Sankofa:
"The Akans believe that there must be movement and new learning as time passes. As this forward march proceeds, the knowledge of the past must never be forgotten." -

This retreat is an opportunity for ancestral remembrance and reconnection to the natural world. As we return to natural ways we will find keys to integrate and keep alive in the present. 

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Sovereign Family Retreat

March 20th-26th, 2023

Registration Now Open!
Registration Closes February 1st, 2023

Zion from Afrocentric in Nature and Daja from Find Serenity are teaming up for their third group retreat together! This will be the second annual Sovereign Family Retreat. The first edition took place in Dos Brazos Costa Rica January 2022 in collaboration with the Holi Haven. It was an absolute joy and a deeply transformational experience for all involved, so much so that Zion and Daja would like to host this every year inviting families or single people to camp out with them in the jungle and reconnect with Pachamama and ancestral skills, and experience living off the land in tune with nature. 

Join them for 6 days and 5 nights on Daja's off-grid property Finca Serenidad! Guests will camp out under the stars and enjoy plant-based meals provided by Daja, Zion, and the amazing chefs Kosmic and Nurture from the Holi Haven. 

Retreat Price: $600 per guest. 

Payment Plan A:

Due at Registration: (Non-Refundable Deposit) $150 
Due March 1st: $450

Payment Plan B:

Due at Registration: (Non-Refundable Deposit) $150 
Due February 1st: $225
Due March 1st: $225

Retreat Includes:
Tents for Each Guest (Other Camping Gear not Included)
3 Meals Per Day (Light Breakfast)
Transportation During Retreat
Plant Medicine + Cacao Ceremony
Optional Ocean Kayaking
Guided Jungle Hike and Waterfall Journey
Group Inner Child Healing Sessions
Group Eco-Therapy Sessions
Bilingual Facilitator

Retreat Itinerary (Subject to Change):
Day 1: Meet the Land and Meet Each Other
Day 2: Inner Child Activation and Eco-Therapy Activities
Day 3: Journey into Dos Brazos, Jungle Hike, and Waterfall Cleanse
Day 4: Beach Play, Bon-Fire, and Psylicibin Ceremony 
Day 5: Inner Child Play, Jungle Exploration, Community Gathering
Day 6: Integration Circle, and Goodbyes


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Lions Gate retreat (1).png

Registration Opens April 28th, 2023
Registration Closes July 14th, 2023

New Earth Revival Retreat
A 3-Day Earth Day Celebration with Find Serenity and Earth Strong Energy April 2022


Past Group Retreats

Sovereign Family Jungle Camping Retreat! 
Afro-centric in Nature and Find Serenity
January 2022

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